Sydney Opera House + Samsung
Multimedia Welcome Wall

Our brief was to capture both the audience reactions, emotions and individual interpretation by visually telling the story of
Sydney Opera House as “The People’s House” as part of their rebranding strategy - but also to Communicate Samsung’s brand ideal of “Accelerating discoveries and possibilities” as Principal partner of Sydney Opera House.

This multimedia wall, also called the “North Wall” is one of the first initial touch points where visitors can engage with the Sydney Opera House. It is a permanent outdoor installation, working 24/7.

Creative concept

Deconstructed Jorn Utzon's drawings of the Sydney Opera House and came up with a creative approach of "space, movement and progress". Whereby space represents about the Opera House as a place or destination, movement represents the performances and progress represents the audience's reactions.

Content Creation

The content animation came from Bell Shakespeare, Bangarra, Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra, The Australian Ballet and Opera Australia.


SOH can upload, manage and schedule the content display on the wall. We also created a social media module where the SOH can filter by hashtags social media posts from Twitter and Instagram for display. Twelve 46” Samsung screens were aligned to bring the vibrant display to life, all synchronised to display a seamless animation spanning all screens.