ImaginationLabs 01ImaginationLabs 01


Imagination Sydney Innovation Lab concept, design and production.

Tell me and I forget, 
teach me and I may remember, 
involve me and I learn

This quote by Benjamin Franklin is the guiding principle in creating the ImaginationLabs.

It's a place where Imagination, clients and partners can collaborate to Innovate.
The space is designed to be modular and behave like a workshop, not a museum.

The Lab showcases:

  • IMAGINATION’s innovative and collaborative culture.
  • Behind the scenes of our journey of discovery - the way we work to solve business problems.
  • Immersive experiences using technology to showcase and share our work to inspire and energise internally and externally.
  • Innovation in action. A working space where interactive development teams actively research, test, develop and play.
  • It’s not a museum of what we’ve done, the lab should show the way we work to bring the best of the next to our clients.