Visions of a sustainable future. GE

Telling the story of GE’s ecomagination brand in the home of sustainable innovation.

Role • Creative Director - Imagination
Client • GE


In 2008, Masdar City broke ground and embarked on a journey to become the world’s most sustainable city.
Imagination were briefed to create a permanent home – and to bring to life in a relevant, contextual way – ecomagination; a sub-brand of GE that seeks to build innovative solutions for today’s environmental problems, while driving economic growth.


The environment is the most enduring and significant narrative of our time, and the task of balancing growth and leaving a better planet for future generations perhaps the most important imperative for governments, businesses and communities.


Rather than simply play lip service to this story, or use it as a vehicle for displaying and trying to sell products,
we sought to embrace and use this narrative as the foundation of our visitor journey.
Starting with the global and local environmental context, and leading visitors through a deep-dive on the impact and innovation potential in areas such as lighting, transportation, energy and water through a series of 10 custom digital interactive stations, using a range of technologies from motion sensing to physical / digital integrated elements.
The GE ecomaginaiton story is brought to life in a jaw dropping 14sqm interactive table, combining physical elements, interactive screens, projection and voice-over.


Region-wide newspaper and editorial coverage in all major publications.
Covered by Sky News Arabia, Al Jazeera and Al Aribiya News.
Favourable coverage from industry and personal eco-blogs.
Visited by members of the UAE ruling family, the US Ambassador and assorted VIPs.
Now a base for training and innovation, attracting businesses and students from the UAE and beyond, establishing a lasting presence for GE in the Middle East.