FORD Cube Federation Square MelbourneFORD Cube Federation Square Melbourne

Ford Express Yourself

Ford would like disruptive and unexpected experience that drove a positive perception of the Ford brand in Australia and celebrated its transformation. Key to this was it needed to be seen by the Australian masses but draw on the passion points of the new pioneer audience.

They want the audience to think about Ford as an innovative brand that they would consider as a primary choice for their future purchase.
This experiential activation is primarily a brand perception challenge.

FORD Cube Federation Square MelbourneFORD Cube Federation Square Melbourne

The Experience

A first for Ford – an immersive experience that un-expectedly appeared in penitent locations in both Melbourne and Sydney. We want to bring the new Ford brand and product to the people, and deliver a fun and engaging way to interact with Ford – which was brought to life via an interactive 5m cube. As such we asked people to Express Themselves using vocal and gestural expressions. The technology picked up the individual’s movement and pitch of voice to dictate the colour and movement on the screen behind them once finished. Their experience was broadcast on the side of the cube creating a surprise and delight moment as well as an attractor for other members of the public. Coupled with strong brand messaging the cube brought the new Ford brand to life.


The Technology

There are two interactive sides and two display sides of the cube. The display sides were showing a delayed video capture of the interactive sides. Each interactive side has a capture camera, a motion sensor camera and a microphone that enable the user to interact with the cube's generative art. Above are some examples of the earlier generative art pieces, it evolved into a simpler art that's more suitable for Ford's overall feel and branding.