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Smoother shopping experience

This video was discovered and was sent out to the ID dept and the whole London office.

We had a mini discussion about the campaign.

Most of them liked the idea and the use of technology.

However I don't really like the use of the technology.

Why do we need the printed images with QR codes anyway?

Why don't we create the product rows within the app and making it totally virtual within the smartphone, same shopping experience without the intermediary gimmick (qr codes, scan loading time, failed internet connections).

The products can always be updated, searchable, reducing waiting time for people scanning the same product and not wasting paper to keep printing new products.

It doesn't solve the shop crowding problem because it creates the same problem within an already busy tube station.

It does create awareness and a creative advantage against the competition, but is awareness good enough nowadays?

I want a smoother shopping experience.
What if we streamline the shopping experience for people.

Streamlining the shopping experience

This is a simple idea and I believe someone would have thought about it before.
I'd love to see it realized though.

The next step would be preparing the physical stores with smart isles that would recognise what products they contain to support the isles pick-up route (number 4) above.

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