Truffle Hunter Game

2010, client: Seek

role: Art Director, Illustrator / Concept Artist.

The brief
Seek would like to develop more mini games for their games portal page to show that they’re not just serious about work but also a fun portal. The game will support the current running campaign, where you can find any kind of job with Seek’s job search engine, including a Truffle Hunter. This is the third game that they’ve requested SOAP Creative to do.

Ideas and execution
Truffle finders trained pigs to dig the ground to find truffles. Based on this fact we’ve created a simple mini game that asks the player to help the pigs to find truffles by digging the ground around them. However the player must navigate around dangerous obstacles that can harm the pigs.

I drew all the pigs and other elements in Illustrator that later the game developer used them as game assets.

The colours are inline with Seek style guide and pretty much used in all games.
The illustrations are based on simple shapes.