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July 3, 2017 - Comments Off on Nubo – UX review

Nubo – UX review

Nubo is an innovative new educational play space that connects families through purposeful design and quality learning experiences. A place to exercise your imagination.

I had the chance to visit Nubo, a creative space for kids to explore and learn, here's my User Experience review of the space.

Look and Feel

From the outset, it's such an amazing concept and a great space to be in, it has this European look to it. Scandinavian design with lots of gloss white, timber furnishing and great use of light.

It makes it looks clean and sophisticated while still maintaining its friendliness by using lots of rounded corners and fun shapes.

Overall I really like the look and feel, it's quite warm and welcoming even if it's clean and minimalistic.

Form and Function

The reception area is simple with bag and shoes storage. The space is designed to be roamed around without shoes to ensure cleanliness for the children playing on the floor.

The space has different rooms ranging from the Library, Art Studio, Blue Room, Dramatic Play Room, Ball Pit and Cafe.

My kid loves the blue room, it has magnets puzzle that sticks to the wall and this puzzle like blue foam that children can build.

The library has a cool higher space shaped like a hot air balloon.
It's neat and has this relaxing feel.

There are classes or activities scheduled every week in the space which uses the dramatic play room and all the other dedicated spaces very well.

Overall User Experience

During my visit my 1 year old daughter had the most fun in the blue room. We didn't get to enjoy the other rooms as much as she was unsure about the other spaces, even the ball pit she wasn't keen on staying for long.

From my evaluation the space offers a fun experience for older children, perhaps older than 2 or 3 years old.

It is well maintained and clean, it offers a nice breathing space in the mids of a busy industrial area. Yet I was there when it was really empty, so it may seems to be peaceful, but it may be quite overwhelming with plenty of kids around.

As a concept it's a great space and designed quite well, it has a lot of open spaces and open sight lines. Really handy for parents watching kids running around the whole space.

Definitely will come again when my daughter is older to get the full user experience of the space.

Especially to check out the amazing amenities below.

This blog will be filled with User Experience (UX) design reviews of place-making, digital design, user interface and technology.

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